Bass Every Night by Benjamin Ryan Williams

A Latin Student Never Declines Sex

    the title really says it all

    Sometimes there is a deeper meaning

    Sometimes there really isn’t

    And often times it has nothing to do with what we are observing

    we understand it within the context of who we think we are or whatever


    some folks will interpret this title differently

    some folks will interpret this title differently over time


    thats okay too



Second person plural active indicative of experience

Y’all experience



The Blue Box


I loved to read the animorphs adventures

 I would have totally morphed into sentient beings, however


For some of us, music is the true blue box

To which we can acquire the DNA of the universe


Listening to new types of music will expand your emotional range as a being


Listening to new types of music will expand your emotional range as a beast


The Only Thing Better Than Getting What You Want


If I choose to believe in faith

    Then I am lost


    The only thing better than getting what you want

    is being right where you ought

to be


How To Open Doors With A Smile


sometimes I truly consider that I am where I am

    on smiles alone


    And then immediately afterwards,


    Upon knowing myself

    I realize this might not be such a bad thing





North Georgia Canopy Tours


5 star review for the place

    I got to zip thru the trees

    Oh the smells


    5 star review for my date


    Different kind of zipping there

    Different type of smells


    Same similar sort of moment


when you realize the fleeting & forever beauty

of Georgia girls & Georgia trees




The bass form of a verb


Masti Managed

How many times will I go eat Indian food

    and have my date ask whether every item is gluten free or not? many times as it takes




No Kid Could Do That! Only God Could Do That!
    when in the right frame of mind

    (that is no frame of mind)

    every sound that occupies

    the space around

    makes me feel things


    And I like it



Sneakers Around


around when I was 22ish, I used to laugh with my roommates about how we knew were going on a lot of dates based on how many different girls shoes there’d be on our floor at any given moment. It stands out as actually pretty funny in my memory although I’m not certain why. My girlfriend around the time when I was 22ish slept with a bunch of other guys while we were dating. So I didn’t laugh at sneakers around as much anymore since then.




Magnificent People




To the magnificent people in my life:

    I promise to try to be more magnificent


Flexible Mirrors

you call it a flexible mirror

    I call it being a sociopath





    Whatever it takes to bend our own will


    towards something with a little more zip


Rooibos Tweed


    Has anyone ever read the health benefits of drinking Rooibos tea?

    That root just runs the game


    Musicians can’t afford doctors anyways


    And a nice cuppa at the end of the night

    is better than any fish tank aquarium in any waiting room on earth


We All Drink Too Much Cheap Wine




            You’ve bested me again


Rhoto Rabbit Rapture


    I love the feeling of just tumbling like mad towards a goal with reckless abandon the likes of which have never been seen and may never see ever again.


    its almost as good of a feeling


    as being


West Atlanta Wilderness


    the city too busy to hate

    Perhaps I’ve been here far too long


    But I ain’t leaving now

    and instead of being too busy to hate

    I’ll just be too busy to notice







Young David Attenborough

 exploring myself thru what I dig & what I don’t dig

    learning that I can dig different things on different days

    Learning that if I dig hard enough, I will get straight to china no doubt about it


    I’m a young David Attenborough


trying to share the wonder of the world

with all of its musical majesty


so thank you for listening to