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Bass Every Night
My Girlfriend Ruined My Spotify Algorithm.jpg

My Girlfriend Ruined My Spotify Algorithm and Other Musical Poems

the new collection of impressionist bass poetry by B.E.N, available everywhere on May 17th, 2018

I wanted to make a collection of music that speaks to how important tech is in regards to both bringing people together and tearing them apart. never have we felt so connected and so alone, often at the exact same time. loneliness is a beautiful thing to share with someone (this a title of one of the songs off the record. hey dope!)  

this duality is an all spark for creative energy; recognizing the transient nature of our experience in life or something like it. i hope you enjoy the music and i hope you enjoy your life. 


Biographies Entertain Nobody


B.E.N is Benjamin Ryan Williams, a Texas-born, Atlanta-bred bassist with a penchant for combining his influences into a solo experimental musical style that is unlike any other. After receiving a poetry scholarship to Oglethorpe University, Benjamin began touring full-time as a musician in 2010. Benjamin was recruited to join folk music legends Indigo Girls, with whom he has recorded and played bass for since 2012. Benjamin also became a first call session bassist in Atlanta working closely with many of the cities top hip hop producers including DJ Burn One and Pi'erre Bourne.  

B.E.N is a project all about the expression of the individual with a drive to stand out on his own. Somewhere in-between Drake & Debussy, B.E.N composes music with nods to folk, impressionism, and the avant-garde. The music is entirely comprised of sounds from the bass guitar, exploring fresh and exciting boundaries for the instrument. With thoughtful harmony, odd song structures, timbres unlike what has been heard before, listening to B.E.N's music is at times as similar to reading poetry as it is listening to a performance. Oddity made accessible.

In a time when the music industry seems to have no rules, B.E.N has even less.